Guarantees and insurance

Your savings
completely safe

Controlled by Central Bank of Russia

Your moneyare secured byreal estate

CCU's civil responsibility for contractviolation

We can guarantee our clients a really high interest rate on savings, due to the fact that our second business area is lending against real estate.

Every month, our borrowers pay us money and a charge for the use of borrowed funds, and it is from these funds that the interest payment fund is formed for all types of savings programs

Insurance is provided by the non-profit organization Interregional Consumer Society of Mutual Insurance. The liability of the Savings House Consumers Credit Union is insured in accordance with the Federal Law of November 29, 2007 No. 286-ФЗ On Mutual Insurance (Article 1, Part 2).

Our activities are absolutely transparent
and regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation

We work under the control of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Savings House CCU operates in strict accordance with Federal Law No. 190 On Credit Cooperation, and complies with the requirements of the Basic Standard for the implementation of CCU activities in the financial market

We submit reports to RosFinMonitoring

We submit reports to RosFinMonitoring according to FES forms 1-ФМ, 2-ФМ, 3-ФМ, 4-ФМ at least once a quarter.

National Commonwealth of Credit Cooperatives «Sodeystviye»

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